yes im back

lmao im back and i will be posting junk now ig

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Islands, Good deals, and Tickets EVERYWHERE


I log onto poptropica and see THIS!


ONLY 10 CREDITS, FOR 10 DOLLARS!! I don’t know about you guys, but HMU.  I’m very late…the deal is almost over (ends tomorrow??)  SO GET ON AND SPEND FOR BLACK FRIDAY!!

If you are a non-member, (like me 😥 ) than you are also excitedly waiting for escape from pelican rock! This island looks really cool and fun SO I CAN’T WAIT YEET.  Members: I think we all have to wait. OOPS MY BAD!! But seriously, GOT ALL THE HYPE.

I just finished 2 islands, so I’m catching up! I loved Timmy Failure, it was just funny! But I was disappointed because Magic Tree House Island (or whatever its called) IS CLOSED TO NON-MEMBERS NOW!! ( I never finished it..) *sigh* Well I’m moping for Monday, BUT HAVE A GOOD WEEK!

~Cheerful Shell 

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OML Its been fifty years…

So basically, I was just looking through my browser and wordpress popped up. I screamed and all the memories of this blog came :’).I apologize for all my horrendous writing skills :). My writing was like um… well a 3rd grader. OTHERWISE, I’m active now :D.Of course, there are going to be times where I don’t post, when I’m lazy or just plain busy. SO WHATS NEXT????!??!?! (As you can see, my writing hasn’t gotten any better GAHHA)


I don’t know yet, but trust its going to be gr10!! I logged onto poptropica for the first time in forever.


STOP. STOP RIGHT THERE. #STOPTHISBLOG2K15 ANYYYWAYYYS… I’m going to have to edit this,change that, delete whatever the heck that is… Btw there might be lots of stupid stuff on this now like anime references, fangirling one direction, and MEMES. MEMES. EVERYWHERE.ha7parbF.jpeg

You are going to see stuff like this a lot. OOPS. I’m also cracking my case on these new islands. I will try my very pest (promises) to make guides but I’M HORRIBLE AT EXPLAINING THINGS. Some new stuff; costume boutique, fanfiction, and what not.

I hope you guy enjoy this wonderful(not), funny (definitely not) blog!! If you would like to be part of this blog, feel free to ask 🙂 THANK YOUUU!! *crowd booes*

~Cheerful Shell



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Back! :)

Hey guys! Been a while…I was doing homework and stuff. I also went on vacation so… yeah. Oh yeah and Monster Carnival is out for members!






And the member items for the island are the raven swarm,hypno power, and the ringmaster outfit. I would have given you the blog’s first island guide but I’m not a member… WAAAA! I’m just going to have to wait I guess…


~Cheerful Shell



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Hey guys! I was in a common room today and I was wondering if I could make “funny” (well maybe dumb and chessy) poptropica photos. I will make them for you guys every once in a while. PLEASE DONT TELL ME THESE ARE LAME. You can call them cheesy…ImageImageImage

Hahaha,how cheesy! Am I right? I don’t know why I did everything while in Mythology Island…I finished the island and I didn’t restart it…OH WELL!

   ~Cheerful Shell

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Hey guys! Its one week left until Mocktropica(I hope I spelled tht right) is out to EVERYONE!!!Finally… I was getting very impatient…anyways, it is also the final week to get that unfinished costume for members. I think that’s the only item…if you have membership, GET IT!! IT MIGHT BE A REALLY RARE ITEM IN DA FUTURE!!Image

Thats it for now!

                  ~Cheerful Shell

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Mocktropica Bonus Quest Guide

Hey, it’s a Bonus Quest Guide from me, Nameless UnDEFiNed, so let me know if there’s anything I should add, or any bugs I should add a warning for 😉

After you beat Mocktropica Island (Guide HERE), it’s time for the Bonus Quest. If you need help, keep on reading.     Go into HQ, and enter the basement.  Talk to Billy, then into Auto Mode you go. You’ll be told there’s a rogue programmer to chase. Click on the computer you were using as an Island Editor.


Now talk to Bucket Bot, click on the giant computer screen to the right, and follow Bucket Bot into the Arena.

You’ll start with 99.999 Mega Coins, and then you click to start. All you have to do is beat the MFB. Strangely enough, it’s a LOT easier now, than it was before… Just try not to let your energy run out COMPLETELY. CAUTION: Game may freeze at flashing lights. End of Round 1, Match 2. If this happens, you have to log in again. 

NOTE: When you play in the final round, you can still win even if you lose the first round. If you win the first, but lose the second, you go to a “Final Round” and if you win that, you still win 😉 If you lose the first, but win the second, and then win the “Final Round” you’ll win!

After you beat Colonel Hertz, you will go into Automatic, and once you return to Poptropica, some more Automatic 😉 😛 Now, get your Bucket Bot costume! You beat the Bonus Quest!


~~Nameless UnDEFiNed

More Pictures Coming Soon 😉

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